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Apply for a Senior Dog Portrait Experience

We’re searching for individuals and families with Senior Fur Babies to be treated to a luxury photography session in our newly-fitted studio space.

Your fur baby has a unique personality that brings a smile to your face every minute of every day. That’s why we don’t just take portraits of them, we capture every aspect of what makes them special to you. ❤️

From our own experience of being dog owners, we know that they aren’t just a pet. They instantly become a member of your family or even become your family. You will do everything for your fur baby as though they were a son or daughter or any human most dear to you. As the years have gone by they become slower, they meet the vet more, and you have to help them with some physical challenges they could otherwise do a few years back. Despite this, you love them more and more every day and they still return the same love they did as a puppy.

Our team want to do more than take pictures. They want to capture the bond shared between you and your fur baby as well as create special memories you will never forget.

Ten selected fur babies will receive a gift certificate that covers their session fee. The remaining balance can be used towards purchases of beautiful, emotional and priceless wall art to display in your favourite place at home.

Would you love to capture everlasting portraits of your senior fur baby? Apply using the form below.

We require your phone number for your pre-consultation. It allows us to get to know you and gives you the opportunity to ask questions before fully committing.

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Tell me more about the gift certificate…

If selected you will receive a £450 gift certificate for this experience. This covers the session fee valued at £300 and leaves you with £150 to spend towards any wall art purchases.

Where will my photography experience be?

Chosen applicants will have their photography experience at our newly-fitted Hedge End studio (SO30), just a few minutes drive off the M27 from Junction 7.

When will my experience be?

Our diary is always filling up but we should be able to get you into the studio by the end of June. We will discuss this with you when we reach out.

Is there a booking fee to pay?

Yes, there is a booking fee of £50 but please don’t let that put you off. We charge a booking fee because we book your time exclusively for you. After your experience, we can refund your booking fee or you can use it as credit towards any purchases you make.